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My travel business has been around for most of my life, until now. The essence that I get in my work also makes my life character. Visit various countries in the world as a tourist destination, get acquainted with the crowds. All this makes my life experience for working capital in my company.

Lead Like a Tour Leader

Buku berjudul Lead Like a Tour Leader, dalam pembuatan buku ini, saya di bantu oleh Paulus Winarto. Buku ini mengenai sebuah Kepemimpinan yang berkaca melalui Kepemimpinan Tour Leader dalam melakukan tugas sehari-hari memimpin rombongan perjalanan wisata.

Dalam Kepemimpinan Tour Leader, terbagi atas unsur:

Telling, Organize, Unique, Reliable = Tour

Let Us, Entertain, Automatic, Dare, Effective & Efficient, Reconfirmation = Leader



my office at Synergy Production  – Travel & Events  www.synergyproduction.net, is engaged in organizing travel and events for the company.